ledger.com/start" refers to a web page associated with the initial setup and onboarding process for Ledger hardware wallets. To get started with a Ledger device, including Nano S or Nano X, users.

How to get started with the wallet via ledger.com start?

The rise of cryptocurrency is at its peak nowadays. The number of users of crypto coins is increasing every day. And it is getting hard for users to identify the right crypto wallet. There is a constant debate between the software crypto wallets and the hardware crypto wallets. And users who do not worry about spending a little money on crypto wallets usually opt for hardware wallets.

And one of the most promising hardware is the Ledger wallet which proves to be the best wallet present. And the people who selected this hardware wallet should not leave this article because it will have all the necessary information required for the wallet setup using ledger.com start.

Advantages of Ledger

  • Crypto price tracking.

  • Excellent security level.

  • Advance level of features available.

  • Provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

  • Availability of other devices that gives the users a choice to select their wallet.

How to set up Ledger?

The below-stated steps would be related to the Ledger Nano S wallet because it would be a tough job to explain the registration steps of every wallet device launched by the Ledger hardware wallet.

  1. Unbox your ledger device and take out the USB Cable given.

  2. Then with the said cable connect both of the devices (your Ledger wallet and the computer).

  3. The Ledger wallet screen will show a link “ledger.com start”. Open this link through the computer system.

  4. After opening the link, you will be prompted to download the Ledger live application on the device.

  5. Once it is installed, open it.

  6. Then tap on the ‘Set up as new device’ button.

  7. Disconnect and Reconnect both devices.

  8. Now, for security purposes set up an account PIN. Ensure that the PIN has 4-8 digits.

  9. To confirm the PIN, re-enter it in the next text field.

  10. For adding more account security set up your fingerprint by following the instructions provided on the screen.

  11. It is the last stage of account setup the seed phrase is to be stored at a private location that only you (the account holder) know of.

Your Ledger Wallet is ready to be used.

Logging in procedure

We have completed the setup process and now it is time to get started with the wallet by logging in. The login process of it is:

  1. Get your device connected just like you did at the time of registration.

  2. Open the downloaded Ledger Live software application that was installed from the link Ledger.com start.

  3. After this type the pin code is created for the login purpose.

  4. And then scan your fingerprint to scan your identity.

Summing it Up!

After the proper sequential execution of the procedures stated above, the wallet would be available to be used and you can start dealing in your crypto assets without worrying about the safety funds. You can even track your account by the Ledger live application installed using the link ledger.com start.

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